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Kitten Girl [entries|friends|calendar]
Natsumi Mizuki

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Such a beautiful view.. [23 Dec 2004|05:22pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Natsumi Mizuki, schoolbag in hand, went up the stairs to the top of the high school building. She thought she deserved a break from staying in the classroom half the day, answering questions on the blackboard, speaking to her teachers on behalf of her classmates, and, yes, her classmates themselves. It was not like she had a problem with them-- it was that she needed fresh air. She wanted to feel the sunlight on her face like she used to, and be alone.

She had been meeting new people the past two days, like Himiko-san, Kazuki-san, and Ban-san.. She had seen new things-- alarmingly new things-- like when she had seen the blonde and Biology teacher speak to each other at the Honky Tonk.

Being by herself seemed to be something.. new, considering all that had happened.

She opened the door to the 'open' area, but paused and realized that she wasn't the first one there.

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Working at the Honky Tonk. ['Come aboard, we're expecting you..'] [16 Dec 2004|06:11pm]
Natsumi Mizuki took off her school jacket and laid it on top of one of the tables in the back room of the Honky Tonk. She then slipped the red apron over her blouse and skirt and tied the string in the ribbon behind her back. As she did so, a bracelet on her left wrist jingled musically. Startled, her eyes moved towards it, and then she smiled inwardly. It was a charm bracelet, one she had bought using some of the money she had earned by working at the café for the past month. She had gotten it on the way to the Honky Tonk almost a year ago, when a vendor tried to sell her some of his goods. It was the kind that you could put your own little charms on. The first charm she had put there was a kitten, because she and her friend Rumi liked cats. The second was a book, when she had been given an award for her good standing in class. The third, which she had just put there, was a bell, in memory of meeting a new friend that morning. There was still a lot of space left for her to put more.

“I met a new friend today, Mom,” she said out loud, looking up at the ceiling, as if she could see the stars and everything beyond it. “You’re happy for me, ne? Of course you are,” she answered her own question, “because you’re always watching over me and you love me…” ‘I still miss you a lot,’ she thought, for a moment her eyes seemed to water, and a tear rolled down her cheek. She had never quite gotten over her mother’s death…

Paul’s head appeared in the doorway. He cleared his throat, snapping Natsumi out of her thoughts. “Um, Natsumi, we have a customer,” he reminded her gently. “Would you come out…?”

“Hai!” Natsumi turned to Paul and smiled brightly. “Of course!” She followed Paul back into the café, wiping her eyes and face as she did so.

“Hello, and welcome to the Honky Tonk!”
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New Message. Re: "Hot guys in the hallway!" [07 Dec 2004|05:56pm]
Natsumi Mizuki turned on her cellphone and checked her messages. One message came from one of her classmates in Biology, and she giggled as she read what it said:

“Natsumi, did you see the cute new guys in the hallway this morning? I swear, they are way drool-able, I wonder if one of them’s available Friday night…”

She read the rest of the message. Every single sentence had mention of the new students! Obsessive. Natsumi knew at least one of them, the one with the different aura. Yes, even Natsumi could sense auras. One of them was different, the one called Ginji…

“Yes, I saw them,” she wrote. “One of them’s in my class. Oh, I wish you’d stop salivating over them, Rumi… Meet you at the usual place.”

She sent the message and headed over to the place where they always went when they needed to talk. Maybe she would meet someone new..
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